Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life Returns...

On the way back from office, I was listening to some nasheeds.
I was randomly picking up my playlist when I came across 'Life Returns', a nasheed by Dawud Wharnsby, and was completely overwhelmed by it.

Here's the link to it, do listen, its simply wonderful. Although I have heard it a couple of times before but the feeling i experienced that time, cannot be put into words...

And among His Signs in this: thou seest the earth barren and desolate; but when We send down rain to it, it is stirred to life and yields increase. Truly, He Who gives life to the (dead) earth can surely give life to (men) who are dead. For He has power over all things.  [Al Quran 41:39]

The earth is hard,
Soil is cracked,
bleached and blistered.
Trees bend, withered and weary.
Ground gasps, dusty and dry.

Allah hears and the rain comes
wetting and washing the world,
Flushing and flooding the clay,
Spilling and splashing,
Life returns.

Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great!)

We are the cracked earth,
The thirsty, dirty spirit of man.
If we gasp, we will be heard.
Forgiveness falls like rain on our hands.

Allah hears and the rain comes
Wetting and washing the world,
Flushing and flooding the clay,
Spilling and splashing,
Life returns.
Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great!)

What else can be a better new year resolution... a better incentive... A Return To Life. Journey of our dusty, tired parched and thirsty souls, towards salvation, peace and harmony..

A Very Happy New Year to All....
Have a blessed year and life ahead, may Allah guide all of us to Hidayat. ameen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moon, Dreams and Life

A stroll under a starry sky with the full moon gliding beside the clouds, in a chilly night is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic experiences ..
It has been a busy day. I had to complete my packing for my upcoming flight, had to do some last minute shopping while trying to cope up with a sudden flu and above all was consistently trying to bear the din that my siblings were making (they were a ‘little’ hyper, enjoying five holidays in a row because of Eid). Naturally, all this exertion was too much and resulted in a ‘slight’ headache!

I decided to escape from the entire hustle bustle downstairs and headed to our rooftop to say hello to my dear friend, the splendid full moon, and to greet its devoted companions, the shinning plasma balls, the stars...

Whenever I observe the full moon, its splendour and solitude always impress me into a peaceful and contented silence, to marvel the beauty of this universe and everything in it. Silence which gives me the time to reassemble my scattered thoughts, to reflect on most of the things that I’ve forgotten and have pushed deeper inside my mind... It brings alive all those fantasies that my mechanical routine had sent to a slumber! It mesmerizes me almost every time. I think I can never explain my joy in words here...

This time, however, it wasn’t the moon that probed my thoughts. It was the recitation that I was listening to, while walking in the moonlight, which made me grab my notebook and write down this piece.

'And He gave you of all that you asked for, and if you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them.' Al Quran (14:34)

When I was a little girl, I always used to dream of a cosy little home with a lovely garden having a couple of trees and some beautiful flowers. A room where the window opens towards east, from where the rising sun greets you with a good morning and the moon to bade you adieu in the night while you snuggle in your bed...

As I was standing leaning on the roof’s wall, looking over the topmost branches of the mango tree that were at level with my face, watching a cat smuggling into the garden, that my childish fantasy came to my mind.

I realized that Allah has fulfilled my dream long ago! He has blessed me with a home I dreamt of, with a perfect and loving family. And as I started pondering, many things dawned at me. I became aware how very ungrateful I've been!

I had been busy in keeping up with the pace of the outside world, and in doing so, I isolated myself from the little joys and wishes that I used to cheer. In looking for bigger dreams, I let go of the little pleasures that came my way...

Life doesn’t spare you a moment to turn back the wheels of time, be grateful enjoy what you've got and make the most of your little achievements and dreams! Live them fully and find a reason to be happy, to stay happy and to flourish happiness amongst those around you and your loved ones.
Because happiness is always around us, it’s we who turn away from little joys in life, seeking and running after others (the big ones), missing what that comes in our way.

Whatever you do, remain grateful to Allah, for His numerous blessings that you observe and for all those that you can never comprehend!

Take Care, and have fun!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sisters at Heart!

I had been very busy for the past few days, it was Ramadan first and then Eid, then the encumbering and hectic routine at office with quite some late sittings, and to add to it was a parting, a parting from a beloved friend, who was going to a far off place...

It was the parting of ways which was the most difficult for me. Sometimes we love someone so much that they become an inseparable part of ourselves and our lives. We can’t imagine any joy or celebration without them, and we can never ever spare a single thought to what we would do without them! Sisters are surely such cherished friends!

Yes, the friend I am talking about is no other than my sister...

I don’t have the perfection and control over my words, or the gift to convey my emotions and thoughts in prose or poetry; I wonder how amazing poets are, to do so...!
But I can try to write all that I’ve felt and missed, to let it be an adios till we meet again! Insha’Allah!(I’ve started looking forward to it already!)

Sisters are special, and mine is no exception. She’s only a year younger than me and there is more than companionship between us! We are counsellor to each other, secret keepers (wow that was the most ‘interesting part’), school mates, quarrellers (we had our fair share of fights too), buddies and everything, every relationship that can be thought off!

I remember all those adventures we’ve had together, all the fun, the merriment, the play and enjoyment, the long talks late in night, the fights over who is going to sleep on which side of bed, the skirmishes on cleaning the room/wardrobe considering she’s very organized (meekly confessing!), getting ready for school together, doing our hair simultaneously in the same mirror, the bickering on the way to van, the cards that she always used to place under my pillow on my birthdays, and so many more... All those gestures and lovely memories...

I recalled how we learned everything together from skating to driving, how she used to put up when I used to study late for my University exams, keeping the light on till late night. How I used to dread getting her into temper and how restless I used to get when we use to stop talking to each other after quaralling! And oh we used to address each other as ‘Aap’, and avoid eye contact! It was mostly me who used to patch up being the eldest (ahem ahem, I’m always a peacemaker), but I remembered that it was she who made it up the last time, we quarrelled (after a long time on a very silly thing), and then after two days she came over and hugged me apologizing, and I couldn’t help hugging her back. Her smile her mischievous ways, the spirit and energy in her, the boldness and daring nature, I couldn't ignore my little sis, everything was forgotten and forgiven long ago!
How proud and glad I used to be of her, and I still am!

I’ll miss her calls at office now, just when I used to be in the middle of something critical or tense and at that particular moment, a message, a call used to be a rejuvenating breath of fresh air to me, the sweet voice in which she used to ask, ‘Aapi kaisi ho, lunch ker lia..?’ and i used to say, ‘nahi yaar Appi(that is what I used to call her just like my other sibs!), abhe aik kam me houn, will do it after some time’. And then I used to distractedly listen to her and finish up hurriedly. Afterwards realizing that what a word of love and comfort means!

It was still the same when I talked to her yesterday, the same sweet voice saying ‘Aapi kaisi ho... ‘. Telling me enthusiastically about her family, about her new routine, asking after me and telling me to take care of myself and everyone at home, I just wished I could fly and reach her!

Sometimes I used to think why life is so unfair, why do girls have to leave their families, and why don’t boys?
A counter thought readily came to me here, I’ve seen many parents who send their boys to far off places for studies or for employments, then they settle down there. Come to their parents and families seldom, that too in long years, they don’t even have the time to ask after their loved ones.

Its right that girls settle down, leaving behind their families and parents, but they have got their blessings, they keep in touch, they nurture new relationships, new families, the love keeps on growing!

It’s Life, and Life is change, but we sometimes are reluctant to accept it at first, because we are unaware that Allah plans the best for us! And now that I have realized it, I remember a long forgotten verse from Shakespere, "Presence Strengthen Love, but Absence Sharpen It!":

Absence doth sharpen love, presence strengthens it;
the one brings fuel, the other blows it till it burns clear.
--William Shakespeare

And I guess my heart understood it better than me, as I hugged her close for the last time at the airport, our hearts beating together, my eyes never cried, but i prayed and prayed with all might! 

May Allah bless you with the best of everything my dearest sis! May He fill your life with Love, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity and accept all your prayers and wishes. And keep you and your family in His protection always. Ameen!

And as we parted, I was satisfied at the new beginning, glad to know that open arms will welcome her there, and she'll be at last with her family!

May Allah bless you forever my dearest!

from your aapi!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodbye Saleem!

Saleem cutting his last birthday cake with us!
I will always remember 22 December 2008; it was the day when I first met Saleem Mirza.
It was nearly 2 pm as I was waiting at the reception to be interviewed by the Karachi Office’s Director. Just when I was beginning to get impatient a man entered the reception area and asked for me. He was of a tall stature, wearing glasses and a courteous countenance, as I observed. I stood up as he introduced himself as Saleem Mirza, the director of Techlogix Karachi Office, and lead me to his room for the interview. He opened the door and entered after me, took his chair after I had taken mine and apologized for keeping me waiting! He asked if I would like to have some coffee or tea, and inquired if I would not mind waiting a few more minutes, so that he could finish writing an important email!
I was very astonished at the gracious manners of the Director, towards a fresh graduate, who came for an interview! 

It was almost 2 hours later that I left Saleem’s room; it was a thoroughly unique experience for me. I came to know that Saleem was not only modest and frank but exceptionally intelligent and a cool minded person, having a ‘Nothing-is-Impossible’ attitude towards his profession. He had the ability to course a constructive discussion on any topic be it technicalities or education, hobbies or politics, with an ease that speaks plainly of the vast scope of his intellect. A very rare person who makes you comfortable the instance he starts talking with you!

This was the first impression that I had of Saleem, an impression which never left me and will always stay with me whenever I’ll think of him!

From my very first day at Techlogix, Saleem was very helpful and genial. Be it the Employee Handbook, health insurance forms or the bank account opening, he explained everything to me in detail. During lunch he used to discuss any topic at hand, be it current affairs, games or our hobbies, and his demeanor always encouraged us to speak up our minds and share our ideas. I will remember all those lunches, events and TRF when he used to share his experiences of traveling or people, when he used to say something witty and laugh at it along us. He was not only cheerful and friendly at his verbal communication but also in his written communication. His emails addressed to Karachi office always used to start with ‘Folks’ and end with ‘Cheers!’.
Saleem extreme right on his birthday celebrations!
Reminiscences of Saleem would be incomplete without mentioning Table Tennis! He was a champion when it comes to TT tournaments, always the best at everything, how Saleem could have been any different at TT! He was a player all others used to awe and dread, especially his classic smashes and serve! We used to wonder how come Saleem played so extraordinary without any practice!

Whenever I had a concern or a complaint, I used to consult Saleem without any hesitation. I always found him attentive and hospitable, assuring and helpful. I will never forget the concern and kindness with which he used to inquire in detail after my father’s health, at the time when my father was seriously ill and undergoing medical treatments, he was always assuring and benign.

My work experience with Saleem was no different either. It was challenging because there wasn’t any area and technology that Saleem didn't knew. He always used to be well prepared for all the meetings, well informed regarding the project(s) and the task at hand. Always eager to explain and help with the learning of new tools and technologies. He was involved deeply in nearly every project going on in Karachi office, a living FS and Design Guidebook of all those projects!

I remember all the long project discussions we used to had, and me coming out of his room with my mind full of things, wondering with awe how did Saleem knew such a lot! He was a perfectionist when it comes to work, very committed and dedicated. He used to read our minds, I remember those times when I used to show my disapproval of the minute change requests sent by the clients, and taking in my expressions he used to put in a funny comment so abruptly that I had to stop myself with difficulty from laughing hard! He always used to give credit with such enthusiasm and generosity that the next time you wanted to work harder to please him!

There was no haughtiness or pride in Saleem; he always treated all of us on an equal footing. I noticed after joining Techlogix, that everybody called him Saleem. Our seniors used to say that he had asked them not to call him by anything, but his name. It had been just a month working with him on a project, when one day after the meeting he called me back and said, 'Jinaab, there is no need to call me Sir! Bas Saleem bola kerain'!

There is so much more that I wanted to write and say. I want to pour out all the recollections and to keep on writing. But I must stop, because there are memories etched deep in my mind, memories which I will keep cherishing and remembering!

The 17th of August was a heartbreaking day when I read about Saleem’s death just after the Mo’azan finished the call to Fajr prayer. I was frozen with shock, when I got the SMS telling that we have lost Saleem forever, it was incomprehensible, meaningless, and I keep repeating to myself that it can’t be true! Until the news was confirmed, I hoped dreadfully to let it be a mistake please, don’t let it be true. It was just the same with everyone else I contacted to confirm or inform about Saleem! We all didn’t want to believe that Saleem is gone!

Inna Lil Lahi Wa Inna Elaihi Ra’jioun!

All that day memories kept flashing at me, at times making me cry and sometimes making me smile in spite of myself. The happy face of Saleem, his ways and his jokes, all the events we had with him, the ice skating and bowling at Arena, the dinners and lunches. All the project status meetings with him, the late sittings for the releases, the CBD QA fixes on Saturday at which he was present to give us support, all those kept coming back to me.

All of a sudden it dawned on me that the contact ‘Saleem Mirza’ will never again blink on my screen, there won’t be any new emails in the folder ‘Saleem Mirza’, the first line of the attendance register won’t say anymore that Saleem reached office at 8:30 am, not anymore would he peep from his office’s doorway and beckon me in, saying, ‘Jinaab aik cheez discuss kerni hai, agar time ho tou ajain!’. I remembered our last meeting, our last goodbye, our last lunch and our last TRF with Saleem. Not for a second have we dreamt that we would never ever see him again!

I wanted to say so many things to him; it was only after he left for the US, that I realized I will miss him very much. It was then, that I felt his special qualities and virtues most deeply. I wanted to apologize and thank him for many things, but that moment never came!

Saleem have parted with us forever, and the only memories he left behind are good and beautiful! There are very few blessed people who leave behind them only good feelings and recollections. It’s with tears and sting that I will say goodbye to Saleem. The void his absence has created in Karachi office and Techlogix could never be filled in! We all simply can’t imagine a Karachi office without Saleem!

O Allah, bestow your mercy and peace upon the gentle soul that has left us! Bless him with high honors in Janaat-ul-Firdous(the most esteemed Garden of the Heaven)! And give strength and peace to the hearts of those he left behind him especially his Family. (Ameen)

Saleem(extreme left first row) with Khi office after the cricket match

Friday, August 13, 2010

The True Love!

12 August::
A day ago I read this verse from Surah Al-Baqarah inscribed upon the calendar for the 11th of the month :
"I complain to Allah alone of my sorrow and grief."
Al Yusuf[12:86]

And below it was inscribed.
 “Rest assured that He is full of pity and mercy for mankind.”
                                                   Al Baqarah[2:143]
It was the second verse that kept coming back to me that day time after time. And made me write and share my feelings with you all.
After reading it, I couldn’t help pondering upon the mercy and love of Allah for all of His creatures, especially for the offspring of His beloved Aadam(AS) and the Ummah of His most beloved prophet Muhammad(SAW)!
The more I thought, the more I came to see the signs of His love and mercy all around me.  While watching the birds pirouette gracefully in the sky above, while passing by the towering leafy trees, extending out green cool canopies as far as their branches could stretch , while looking at a mother's care and love for her children. In short, in every little thing that was a part of my daily routine, I saw His love and mercy for His creatures. 

Everything keeps reminding me, O mankind come to your Creator, He loves and care for you more than anyone else put together!
Have a look around yourself. You are bound to notice and comprehend these signs too.

Have you ever thought how your mind and body relaxes with the zikr of Allah? Have you ever noticed that you feel at peace with the world, with everything around you, just by calling Allah from the depths of your heart and pouring out all your troubles to Him? Have you ever experienced the feeling of ecstasy and deliverance while you praise Him and prostrate in front of Him during Salat?

Its because Allah is most closest to you, as He himself says in Surah Al-Qaf:

"And indeed We have created man, and We know whatever thoughts his inner self develops, and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein."
                                                                                                                             Al Qaf [50:16]
That is the bond of closeness between Allah, the all-Encompassing and completely Knowledgeable, and us!

Then why do we neglect this bond? Why do we seek earthly benefactors and supporters? Why not seek Allah, who is the closest to you. 
Allah, the most Compassionate (Ar Rehman),  the Forgiver (Al Ghaffar), the Concealer[of our faults] (Al Sattar), the Bestower of honor (Al Mu'izz) , the Granter of prayers (Al Mujeeb), the Gentle One (Al Latif), the all Powerful (Al Qadir).... 
Allah the Greatest(Al Akbar)!

Look towards Him with hope, for His forgiveness of our faults and seek His guidance, pity and mercy. "Call your Lord with fear and with Hope..." [Al Araf 56:7].  He gives us chances, shows us His signs so that we may return to Him with hope of being spared, to seek His blessings and love.
Rasool Allah (SAW) said,  Allah سبحانه وتعالى says to His servants: "If you come to Me walking, I will come to you running." [Hadith-e-Qudsi].
Just imagine the love of the Omnipotent, the Compassionate! Moreover Rasool Allah(SAW) said, Allah سبحانه وتعالى says," My servant keeps coming closer to Me with more volunteer deeds, until I love him" [Bukhari].

Get closer to Allah, you don't  have to be a sufi or a darwaish to be His friend. Because Allah سبحانه وتعالى lives in your heart and soul!

I'll end with this prayer...

Oh Allah, the almighty, 

Protect me and guide me,
Through your love and mercy.
Ya Allah don’t deprive me, 

From beholding your beauty.
O my Lord accept this plea.
Hasbi rabbi jallallah [My Lord is enough for me, Glory be to Allah]

Ma fi qalbi ghayrullah [There is nothing in my heart except Allah]

[excerpt from Sami Yousuf's hamd 'Hasbi Rabbi']

Have a blessed Ramadan!
Ramadan Mabrook.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Job Absher!

A friend of mine send me a link on msn today from Jehan Ara's blog.

The caption read, "Abshar Rashid solves a problem on Innocentive"
"Abshar Rashid, Bachelors of Computer Systems Engineering (2008) from NED University, has solved a problem posted on the InnoCentive website. His solution was accepted from hundreds of solutions submitted online from across the globe.....".

The article gave me immense pleasure and joy! Just when it seemed that there was only despair and tension in news, this piece seemed like a breath of fresh air!

Absher was my batch mate during BE at NED. Besides being a friend, he is an intellectual individual (read a philosophical thinker!), a very good problem solver having the potential to stand out among masses(that's what he recently proved), not to mention a very good editor as well!

This news is indeed a ray of hope for Pakistanis, it shows that besides being intelligent and smart, our youth knows how to channel their abilities positively. As Jehan Ara rightly commented in her blog:
"Way to go Abshar! You have proven that there is indeed tremendous talent in this country. All we have to do is go look for it, nurture it and provide it with the right environment in which to flourish."

We need a youth who have the ability to take their ideology forward, nourish their talents, explore and conquer emerging vistas and motivating others along the way!

With the youth day just days away(12th August) all I have to say is:
There is just the need to follow your heart and mind, to focus on your goals.Let go the fear of failure, that daunts you. Work with zeal and commitment toward the achievement of your aim, and have firm faith in God.
Success will surely be yours.
You must understand that success is not only about winning, its the experience you gain on the way. The transformation from well to good, good to better and better to best!

Happy Youth Day & Good luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

United we Stand...

In less than a week, from the 28th of July to the 3rd of August,  perhaps time, has given us many reasons to mourn and grief the destruction. Whether it was the devastation caused by the Margala crash, then the havoc and chaos because of the recent floods and then the Karachi horror. We’ve seen and heard everything from death, violence, helplessness, famine, and much worst the dark side of human nature…., taking advantage of the adversity of your own brethren!
How come life saving items, food and eatables and sheltering necessities are short in the market at the time of any crisis? Why is it that the price of everything of need is increased as soon as we hear of a calamity in neighborhood? Why do media channels gloat their efficient services by exploiting situations rather than causing awareness and urging people to help, why do government officials assume themselves freed of their duty to the nation by mere air visits, when those who are going through the ordeal are least interested in it?
The need, is being united as a nation, especially in these trying times. United we stand, divided we fall. With the entire nation gripped in natural crisis and devastation we don’t want any more trouble. We had already buried many whom nature had taken from us; we don’t have the strength to burry those who are being snatched away at the hands of culprits causing terror, culprits feeding on our differences and divides. We want a solution, an ending to all this violence, we need to control our anger and forget the animosity to bring peace among the conflicting groups.
We need people to come forward and make their contributions, whatever they might be, in helping the millions of displaced and surviving victims. It could be anything from consolation and words of hope, which will help them bear their loss, to, provide the homeless with shelter, food, medicines and relief.
Let’s make a start by contributing in Pakistan Army’s or any reliable fund so that those waiting for our help wouldn’t be disappointed. Just think how much we spend on a single shopping spree, a favorite branded shoe or on a dine out with friends. Letting go of such small pleasures for the greater good will not only leave you satisfied but happy as well. Besides monetary help we can try creating awareness in our social circle, urge people to come forward for our own country and play their part. 
It's time that politicians should also take the responsibility entrusted upon them; play their role and prove their mantle by insisting peaceful demonstrations to condemn the violence that took place on the 2nd of August in Karachi. Taking justice in our hands is not the solution but the cause of further clashes. Rather than venting out energies on spite and hatred we should use them collectively to bring about a positive change. The millions of people who now stand homeless were the ones who voted these 'leaders' to power; they should not let them down this time!
Come ahead to serve our nation so that history will bear witness that the youth and people of Pakistan didn’t sit back fighting amongst themselves when they were needed most. 
Remember patriotism isn’t only about singing national songs,  waving a flag on the 14th of august and making emotional speeches. Patriotism is simply loyalty to your country; there is no gauge to measure it. 
Your country comes before all your social divides. It is patriotism when you keep the crumpled gum wrapper in your pocket rather than throwing it on the road while travelling, or when you give your savings, time and love for those who need it more than you do. Becasue,
Your country needs you. Your people need you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty is in the Eyes of Beholder!

I simply love walking at the shore. I love the waves as they fall back touching my bare feet, the calm of the shore, the song the wind plays along with the sea, the endless blue sea stretching from left to right, the soft wet sand more beautiful and softer than any carpet hands could ever weave, looking back at the footprints that I left in my wake, watching them being swept away or fade by the waves. All of It soothes my soul, my mind and always gives me a lot to think about (well I said sooth not rest ;))
I also love collecting pebbles and shells that interest me during these walks, shells because they are pretty and pebbles... Well it all began when I spotted a beautifully round, smoothed pebble on one of these walks, it was a hue of different colours - blue, brown, white- all blended artistically with so much beauty that I couldn’t help marvelling at the grace of almighty and pocketed it up.
 Yesterday was no exception. I gathered as many pebbles and shells as my hands could carry before leaving the shore. On my way back as I looked at the pebbles, smoothed and curved by the ageless waves that keeps washing the shore, pebbles of all colours (yellowish brown, greenish blue, a marble textured one maroon, a dim purplish and all sorts!) and shapes, I couldn’t help wondering why is a stone portrayed only as a symbol of cold heartedness, selfishness, difficulty and misery in poetry and literature.
Why a poet compares the heart of an uncaring sweetheart to a stone, why it’s said that all a person have gathered in their lap are stones, when talking about the hard share of fate. I agree stones are hurtled at someone to cause pain but we overlook the action of the person in causing pain and characterize the stone with pain.... stone might be hard but it’s beautiful as well, stone might look ugly and cold but in it home many of creatures of land and water, to moss and fungi and much more. Rocks and stones also live with time as does the trees and the seas. When a sea can be beautiful and lovely in spite of being ruthless, I feel a stone has every right to be so.
I'm not advocating the cause of stones and pebbles here;) I am  merely comparing our perception of stones with our attitude towards people we met and see. How prejudices of color, cast ,creed and appearances makes difference in our thinking. We are reluctant to befriend a simple person, a quite or shy fellow, or a person observing different religion. How easily we tend to neglect those who fail our glittering criteria of cool friends and company or how we don't feel the need to make friends at all, or sometimes we only socialize for incentives.
We judge and evaluate people on their outlook and don't bother look into the person, the heart and soul behind the cover . And in doing so, we sometimes miss the beautiful people, some true and everlasting friendships and relationships we could have earned rather than gathering  fake jewels that fade with time.
So I think it all comes to your love of nature, how you look at it. And I thank God for helping me stay away from this shell of prejudice we have cast around our minds....
Because its not wrong when we say that "Beauty is in the eyes of beholder". 
Shakespere must have thought the same when he said in Love's Labours Lost :
Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,
Not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Margalla Crash -- A tragic injury

28th July 2010 was the day when the deadliest air disaster of the nation became inevitable. The Margalla plane crash brought tears to many eyes and grieved many hearts across the nation.
I was at office when I heard the news from a colleague of mine. I hurriedly connected to a local news website to check the news myself.
What I learned was no good, it was shocking! It was all flames, smoke, fog and wreckage.

It only was a month ago that my father went to Islamabad with my sister. It was the same ill fated plane ED202 that they boarded, unaware that shortly they were going to hear about the terrible loss of 152 lives in the crash! The pilot and some of the crew were also the same they had during their flight. My father was ill when he went to Islamabad. The crew was very helpful and caring, they took all possible measure to ensure that his journey should be a comfortable one. We all felt deeply for the tragic loss, for the loss of all those who cared and were cared for.

All the news channels were debating probable causes of the crash. Boasting that they were the first to give a full coverage. Allowing rumors and speculations to spread. Causing hope to burn by saying that there are survivors left and extinguishing it the next moment. Please stop humiliating ourselves as a nation further, rise from the stooping fall we are going to land in. Stop the race for brand for once and mourn and help those in suffering rather than wasting resources making 3D videos showing the crash. The need is not to place the blame but to put balm on the burning scars of those who've lost their everything in these catastrophes.

In all this time if I find something commendable, it was the unwavering spirit and support and help the locals gave to the rescue teams throughout their operation. We are proud of you all who rushed to aid the victims and extended their help. God bless you.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace for eternity and their loved ones have the strength to bear the loss and carry on. Ameen.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haste Makes Waste!

Sometimes in haste we tend to make ridiculous mistakes, a similar thing happened to me today.( Well actually they do happen often with me...)
I have resolved an issue that was reported to me yesterday and was mailing the client so that they can verify and check it.
Before mailing the client I tried to call the IT person there, to discuss a few details regarding the resolution.

After several tries with the numbers I was successfully transferred to the operator. With a lot of difficulty I made the operator understand the extension and the person I wanted to talk to, when he finally understood me, he transferred my call to the required extension. I was glad that at last its over and pulled my notebook towards me to note down any important point that may come along during the call.

But I was wrong in thinking that my trial was over, there was yet more to happen!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lean on Me...

This is one of my favorite songs from Micheal Bolton, its called "Lean On Me". i feel so much like sharing it today. I dedicate it to all my friends, on whom I've leaned on and for whom I am always here!
Here it goes...

Sometimes in our lives
We all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's
Always tomorrow...

Lean on me,
when you're not strong I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For, it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For, no one can fill those of your needs
That you won't let show..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Of Dreams, Love and Sacrifice...

Some time ago a friend share a story on Facebook from Paulo Coelho's blog about a dream of a traveler.
Abd Mubarak was on his way to Mecca. One night he dreamt a conversation between two angles, that goes as follows....

" “How many pilgrims came to the holy city this year?” one of them asked.
“Six hundred thousand”, answered the other.
“And how many of them had their pilgrimage accepted?”
“None of them. However, in Baghdad there is a shoemaker called Ali Mufiq who did not make the pilgrimage, but did have his pilgrimage accepted, and his graces benefited the 600,000 pilgrims”.
When he woke up, Abd Mubarak went to Mufiq’s shoe shop and told him his dream.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cup O' Coffee!

Not to boast, but I consider myself good at making coffee thanks to Techlogix! On the very first day I came to know that coffee is the ‘official’ energy drink that is used as a stimulant by my fellow colleagues to gear up to combat the daily challenges at work.
When I joined their ranks I was kind of allergic to coffee and drank tea seldom, but now I wonder there are very few days when I don’t drank either of them…
It all begins on a usual day when I was feeling out of sorts due to viral infection and decided to take some coffee to sooth my sore throat. I found out that I was really bad at ‘whipping my coffee’ although I use the word whip or beat quite randomly when I’m feeling out of order (bcoz  of my siblings) , but beating the coffee was a rather different and tricky affair…

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With Love for Ammi

‘She the one who has been blessed with the gift of Heavens beneath her feet’, I heard it first from my grandmother(dada), and that night when I went to bed, and as Ammi was leaving the room after tugging me in the covers and smothering my brow, the little girl of four wondered in awe staring hard at her mother’s retreating feet, if she could only catch a glimpse of the Heaven beneath, dada told her today!

Fast forward a handful of years and today I feel a rush of gratitude for my mom as she handed me a glass full of creamy banana shake and reminded me to take the multivitamins, that were kept on the saucer with biscuits for me, as she hurried over to keep my lunch box in my bag..... That’s my daily ritual, which I call breakfast(to her's and baba’s annoyance). I’m not a kid rushing to catch my school van, I call myself independent and grown up, yet I can never imagine what I would’ve done without you Ammi!

Have you ever noticed that whenever we got hurt the first word that instinctively escapes our mouth is either “Allah!” or ”Ammi/Amma/Mom” whatever you call her.... it’s been there since the first hurt! Just like our eyes and feet used to look for her when we needed some toy, wanted to show her our new discovery, needed a nappy change, to reach up where our legs can’t help us or to whine about a sibling, she was always there, always the same reassuring figure we knew would be there for us.

Our needs grow up and change with us, and I still need her but in a different way, she’s busy in her daily chores in the kitchen and I’m sharing my troubles with her, she listens to me gives me her attention(how does she multi tasks so admirably! I wonder now) and share her views or advice on them. I’m still fretful but now when I start to complain I have her example to be patient, to me modest, to be thankful and contented.

She’s been my first refuge, my first teacher and now as I have grown up I think that I knew more than her, now I say ‘Gosh! Mom it’s a surprise you are operating the computer!’ or ‘Ammi, you always forget how to access the phonebook in your cell’! She was the one who taught me my first word, had been patient with me, and had never complained how slow i was, and I, how selfish I've been in my place. Ask her worth from those who have lost their mothers, I shudder to think further. May Allah keep you with us always ... ameen my heart prays.

Just let this day be the last day in our life when we don’t have time to say I love you mom, when we don’t have time to look her full in the face and smile at her. Kiss her heavenly forehead and listen to what she have got to say, regardless she’s angry with you at the moment, go ahead and hug her tightly and tell her how much you love her, tell her how you couldn’t be here without her!

Ammi I’m glad that I’ll never be to old(no matter how I aged up) to rest my head in your lap and forget all my worries, I’ll always remain your little girl -to whom you are a friend, a confiderent, a counselor , whom I trust and look up for guidance - and you'll be my mom. May Allah fulfil all your dreams, May He bless you with health, happiness and peace always, ameen. I love you Ammi, love you more than mere words can express....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Bend in the Road....

It was a bright morning, sunny yet cloudy the rare may mornings in Karachi... As I glimpsed from my window to the sky upwards just for a second or less may be, it was blue- clear blue with floating clouds hiding sun.... it was beautiful!

The van was late this morning and to get ahead with the running minutes our driver decided to take the M. A. Jinnah Road route instead of the usual Stadium Road bend to Karsaz. I groaned slightly at this alteration I don’t agree with our driver, that route is more polluted and takes almost the same time.

But nearly every time it has given me something to think, something to ponder... either be it my old school dear S.T. Patrick’s (with delight), my childhood, sometimes the traffic sometimes the bazaars of Sadder, the painting of Frere Hall, and much more, every time I went there Sadder seems like a town out of the Alif Laila... my Alif Laila!

I was unaware what the other bend in the road might bring along. As we took a turn around the little roundabout at diagonals with Mazar-e-Quaid heading towards Sadder my gaze went up to the doom of the mausoleum.
It sounded distant yet gloomy, sort of sad I thought can buildings be sad yes may be they could, the once marble white tomb now gray with the impurities of the air defiantly looked wistful, it wasn’t just the doom, the beautiful and majestic garden, the graceful trees bending low seemed bend with a sort of weight just like the weight of conscience, that doesn’t shows up but bends and wrinkle the bearer with passing time! These trees just like the doom have witnessed more than a 50 years pass by! May be, I thought, may be all of them share the Quaid’s sadness at seeing his nation grown up but still so weak. As we passed the last grill faring the garden from the footpath I saw thick clouds of smoke wafting from a old overflowing dumpster filled with garbage…. Just in neighborhood of the Quaid’s resting place… what a shame I sighed…