Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With Love for Ammi

‘She the one who has been blessed with the gift of Heavens beneath her feet’, I heard it first from my grandmother(dada), and that night when I went to bed, and as Ammi was leaving the room after tugging me in the covers and smothering my brow, the little girl of four wondered in awe staring hard at her mother’s retreating feet, if she could only catch a glimpse of the Heaven beneath, dada told her today!

Fast forward a handful of years and today I feel a rush of gratitude for my mom as she handed me a glass full of creamy banana shake and reminded me to take the multivitamins, that were kept on the saucer with biscuits for me, as she hurried over to keep my lunch box in my bag..... That’s my daily ritual, which I call breakfast(to her's and baba’s annoyance). I’m not a kid rushing to catch my school van, I call myself independent and grown up, yet I can never imagine what I would’ve done without you Ammi!

Have you ever noticed that whenever we got hurt the first word that instinctively escapes our mouth is either “Allah!” or ”Ammi/Amma/Mom” whatever you call her.... it’s been there since the first hurt! Just like our eyes and feet used to look for her when we needed some toy, wanted to show her our new discovery, needed a nappy change, to reach up where our legs can’t help us or to whine about a sibling, she was always there, always the same reassuring figure we knew would be there for us.

Our needs grow up and change with us, and I still need her but in a different way, she’s busy in her daily chores in the kitchen and I’m sharing my troubles with her, she listens to me gives me her attention(how does she multi tasks so admirably! I wonder now) and share her views or advice on them. I’m still fretful but now when I start to complain I have her example to be patient, to me modest, to be thankful and contented.

She’s been my first refuge, my first teacher and now as I have grown up I think that I knew more than her, now I say ‘Gosh! Mom it’s a surprise you are operating the computer!’ or ‘Ammi, you always forget how to access the phonebook in your cell’! She was the one who taught me my first word, had been patient with me, and had never complained how slow i was, and I, how selfish I've been in my place. Ask her worth from those who have lost their mothers, I shudder to think further. May Allah keep you with us always ... ameen my heart prays.

Just let this day be the last day in our life when we don’t have time to say I love you mom, when we don’t have time to look her full in the face and smile at her. Kiss her heavenly forehead and listen to what she have got to say, regardless she’s angry with you at the moment, go ahead and hug her tightly and tell her how much you love her, tell her how you couldn’t be here without her!

Ammi I’m glad that I’ll never be to old(no matter how I aged up) to rest my head in your lap and forget all my worries, I’ll always remain your little girl -to whom you are a friend, a confiderent, a counselor , whom I trust and look up for guidance - and you'll be my mom. May Allah fulfil all your dreams, May He bless you with health, happiness and peace always, ameen. I love you Ammi, love you more than mere words can express....


  1. I pray no one gets to lose their mothers, as there can never be any replacement for such a valuable blessing of Almighty Allah upon mankind..
    Humans never value their blessings when they are within reach ..

    Wonderful Ayesha!

  2. so wonderful, so touching, brought tears in my eyes. I hope one day you will be a successful author of the best selling book. :)

    Love you. Yours Nuni

  3. Thanks a lot dears.. it means a lot to me.. :)

  4. @Nusrat: I absolutely agree with you :)

  5. Nice work !!! . Atleast you made us realize the best gift Allah has given us.

  6. Really nice Ayesha... and very poetic.... :)

  7. Excellent post Ayesha.. every word is true to its core and it really feels that you have poured everyone's heart out... :D

  8. @Rubab: Thanks a lot buddy it means a lot coming from a maestro :)
    @Sana,Farah: Yeah i feel so myself, thanks a lot for all your support:)

  9. Wonderful Ayesha...
    May we all realize the worth of the blessing we have whom we call Mother..!
    we owe what we r today to our parents...
    may they live long Ameen

  10. aaaahhh....!!! i love you Appi :) u did a wonderfull was an Exhilarating experience reading ur article....May Almighty bless u and Ammi and All the Mothers of the World....

  11. Masha Allah its amazing to discover you have great Potential. Keep it up Good luck and wishes from Baba

  12. Thanks a lot Baba!It means everything to me :)
    Love you two a lot <3

  13. Hay Ayesha its marvellouse effort I say,Mash ALLAH.May ALLAH keeps all mothers happy,healthy n prosperos...ameeen

  14. Ayesha great job thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
    Janine Zargar

    1. Thanks guys. Your appreciation lift my spirits up! :)