Monday, May 10, 2010

Cup O' Coffee!

Not to boast, but I consider myself good at making coffee thanks to Techlogix! On the very first day I came to know that coffee is the ‘official’ energy drink that is used as a stimulant by my fellow colleagues to gear up to combat the daily challenges at work.
When I joined their ranks I was kind of allergic to coffee and drank tea seldom, but now I wonder there are very few days when I don’t drank either of them…
It all begins on a usual day when I was feeling out of sorts due to viral infection and decided to take some coffee to sooth my sore throat. I found out that I was really bad at ‘whipping my coffee’ although I use the word whip or beat quite randomly when I’m feeling out of order (bcoz  of my siblings) , but beating the coffee was a rather different and tricky affair…
 At first it was just like every beginner, and the result was hard to gulp, that was the very first prototype I guess, and after several efforts I gained enough experience and determination to continue my feeble attempts and started making satisfactory beverage, every time my ‘skills’ improved and the transitions from molasses colored mixture to the light brown got better, until finally I achieved the pale golden perfection criteria! Wow I felt like an achiever! I learned how to pour the water to get the froth how to listen for the humming of bursting bubbles (I never thought there was supposed to be so much of art involved in coffee making…) and finally a tiny bit about the decoration (of course we couldn’t spend all morning at work making up coffee) But enough to yield an A from my friends (you see they knew I always had the natural flair for it)!
But today during the same exercise this evening, as we were comparing our coffees, I couldn’t help feeling how coffee-making is a good lesson, an example of our regular struggle in life; that is, to got to know new things, to learn  and then to get better and finally excel.
Life is very similar to a ‘Cup o’ Coffee’, enjoy it hot and fresh. The bitter coffee blended with sugar makes a wonderful combination, the coffee won’t taste so good without the sugar, and without the bitter beans there would be no coffee at all! Comparable are the good and bad times that we go through, they are there to maintain the balance of a perfect life.  Enjoy the present don’t worry about the future or sorrow the past. Work for your present and plan for the future with zeal and hope towards achieving success and let the past be an experience to guide you on the way. The struggle will be hard but worth the coffee in your hand.
I’ve read it somewhere and I like it a lot.
“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
Wish you Luck!


  1. Yes.. Its always worth the effort :)...
    Especially when you have a cup of coffee with an inch of froth =))

  2. yaar, i didnt know about your expertise in coffee making.. im really looking forward to a hot cup of coffee, whenever I come to Karachi... :)

  3. Any time Rubab:) u r always welcome to it :)
    @Maria: I'm still suffering the after-effects :P

  4. my concentration is still on the coffee making rather then the message you gave in the end:p

  5. So when are we having a steaming cup of coffee as treat? ;D

  6. lolz.. i guess u r the expert.. so treat will be from u?? :)