Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Things Unsaid

Hi dear readers and friends!

Hope you all had a great start to the new year and may it proves wonderful and constructive one. Yeah I know you all are expecting the new year resolutions post!! :) Well it wasn't that work kept me away from blogging. I was trying to find out my new year resolutions, to gauge if I have the right amount of virtue to follow them without being astray, and recommend them to my dear readers! :)

Well I started building up my resolutions and to note them down here in my editor, waiting for the right time to complete and publish them. It was as usual that I opened up 'Edit Posts' link from my Blogger's dashboard and glanced upon the post titles, there were all my published post and more than those were my unfinished, non published work! The things that were unsaid, they have not lost their significance, but the time to say them have passed. Leaving them faded and old, like the pages of a book, unread and frail, remaining untouched over the years.

So don't let time build webs over your thoughts and bury them deep inside and further into the deepest corner of your mind. Someday long afterwards you'll find them among the pile of old forgotten items. Say it at the right time. :)

Catch you guys soon, as I hope my application servers restart, I am on a 10 mins break from work!
Take Care. Adios!