Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haste Makes Waste!

Sometimes in haste we tend to make ridiculous mistakes, a similar thing happened to me today.( Well actually they do happen often with me...)
I have resolved an issue that was reported to me yesterday and was mailing the client so that they can verify and check it.
Before mailing the client I tried to call the IT person there, to discuss a few details regarding the resolution.

After several tries with the numbers I was successfully transferred to the operator. With a lot of difficulty I made the operator understand the extension and the person I wanted to talk to, when he finally understood me, he transferred my call to the required extension. I was glad that at last its over and pulled my notebook towards me to note down any important point that may come along during the call.

But I was wrong in thinking that my trial was over, there was yet more to happen!

After waiting a long time for someone to pick up the call, I was going to hang it up when finally a curt male voice came through the receiver, "Hello Sir". I thought maybe he might be expecting someone else and asked for the desired person. Without reply my call was transferred again. (I thought may be the operator didn't got the ext. after all and hoped that I'll reach my client this time, I was beginning to get impatient).

Again I had to wait patiently for a long time and when my patience was going to break off (with a loud snap) I heard the same curt voice again, "Hello Sir" (phew not again!).
I gave my name and was stating why I had called but before I could finish, he head me off by saying in an irritated tone, "Tut! Aik mint!" (Tut! One minute).
I felt simply outrageous! I was the one who's call was being transferred here and there and this man was getting annoyed at me!

In about two to three secs (instead of  the "Aik mint") I heard a recording in a cool voice ...."Sorry but we are not available this time. Please record your name and message after the beep so that we can contact you. Thank you." (Ah 'that' was the right extension in the end!)

I grudgingly recorded my message and put down the receiver with a clank( read it loud CLANK!) and started typing an email. what i wrote in my hurry was,

" ....As per your query I have changed the status of Receipts # 123-456 to Success...."(I gave a few more details here they aren't relevant for you :)).

I was trying to reach you through land line a little while ago but your ext. was unavailable. Please check and verify them and let me know."

Did you noticed?
I added the last sentence at the wrong place! Instead of asking the client to verify the resolution, i asked them to verify their land line and let me know!!
Gosh! What a big blunder I made! I kept fuming quite some time (at myself of course) and when I cooled down  I pinned a message on my cubicle's soft board to remind and refrain me from getting in haste unnecessarily. 
Are you a victim of "Hastiness" as well.....? Because hastiness ain't good.

Well I know my clients aren't because as expected I haven't received any reply yet. Oh, I hope they aren't checking and verifying their Telephone System!! Phew!

Anyways catch you later till then Adios!