Sunday, August 1, 2010

Margalla Crash -- A tragic injury

28th July 2010 was the day when the deadliest air disaster of the nation became inevitable. The Margalla plane crash brought tears to many eyes and grieved many hearts across the nation.
I was at office when I heard the news from a colleague of mine. I hurriedly connected to a local news website to check the news myself.
What I learned was no good, it was shocking! It was all flames, smoke, fog and wreckage.

It only was a month ago that my father went to Islamabad with my sister. It was the same ill fated plane ED202 that they boarded, unaware that shortly they were going to hear about the terrible loss of 152 lives in the crash! The pilot and some of the crew were also the same they had during their flight. My father was ill when he went to Islamabad. The crew was very helpful and caring, they took all possible measure to ensure that his journey should be a comfortable one. We all felt deeply for the tragic loss, for the loss of all those who cared and were cared for.

All the news channels were debating probable causes of the crash. Boasting that they were the first to give a full coverage. Allowing rumors and speculations to spread. Causing hope to burn by saying that there are survivors left and extinguishing it the next moment. Please stop humiliating ourselves as a nation further, rise from the stooping fall we are going to land in. Stop the race for brand for once and mourn and help those in suffering rather than wasting resources making 3D videos showing the crash. The need is not to place the blame but to put balm on the burning scars of those who've lost their everything in these catastrophes.

In all this time if I find something commendable, it was the unwavering spirit and support and help the locals gave to the rescue teams throughout their operation. We are proud of you all who rushed to aid the victims and extended their help. God bless you.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace for eternity and their loved ones have the strength to bear the loss and carry on. Ameen.

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