Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Job Absher!

A friend of mine send me a link on msn today from Jehan Ara's blog.

The caption read, "Abshar Rashid solves a problem on Innocentive"
"Abshar Rashid, Bachelors of Computer Systems Engineering (2008) from NED University, has solved a problem posted on the InnoCentive website. His solution was accepted from hundreds of solutions submitted online from across the globe.....".

The article gave me immense pleasure and joy! Just when it seemed that there was only despair and tension in news, this piece seemed like a breath of fresh air!

Absher was my batch mate during BE at NED. Besides being a friend, he is an intellectual individual (read a philosophical thinker!), a very good problem solver having the potential to stand out among masses(that's what he recently proved), not to mention a very good editor as well!

This news is indeed a ray of hope for Pakistanis, it shows that besides being intelligent and smart, our youth knows how to channel their abilities positively. As Jehan Ara rightly commented in her blog:
"Way to go Abshar! You have proven that there is indeed tremendous talent in this country. All we have to do is go look for it, nurture it and provide it with the right environment in which to flourish."

We need a youth who have the ability to take their ideology forward, nourish their talents, explore and conquer emerging vistas and motivating others along the way!

With the youth day just days away(12th August) all I have to say is:
There is just the need to follow your heart and mind, to focus on your goals.Let go the fear of failure, that daunts you. Work with zeal and commitment toward the achievement of your aim, and have firm faith in God.
Success will surely be yours.
You must understand that success is not only about winning, its the experience you gain on the way. The transformation from well to good, good to better and better to best!

Happy Youth Day & Good luck!


  1. Thanks a lot again for your sincere wishes and prayers, Ayesha.
    By the way, the official spelling of name is actually 'Abshar', so they didn't basically misspell it :)
    Its only the personal friends with whom I use the 'absher' spelling; so this automatically means that you will always have to refer me as 'absher' too :)

    And I can't agree more with you on the fact that we need such good news items specifically in such times of crisis for the country. Its only the individual successes which will collectively lead the name of this nation to summits.

    And finally, nice blog. Just as one might've expected from an avid writer as is you :)

  2. Many Thanks Absher!! :)
    I was planning to write something for the Youth Day, but was looking out for a fitting start when i came across this new, and it eventually became the starting point!
    Lets see this means i have to make some corrections will where i have misspelt your name !:)