Wednesday, August 4, 2010

United we Stand...

In less than a week, from the 28th of July to the 3rd of August,  perhaps time, has given us many reasons to mourn and grief the destruction. Whether it was the devastation caused by the Margala crash, then the havoc and chaos because of the recent floods and then the Karachi horror. We’ve seen and heard everything from death, violence, helplessness, famine, and much worst the dark side of human nature…., taking advantage of the adversity of your own brethren!
How come life saving items, food and eatables and sheltering necessities are short in the market at the time of any crisis? Why is it that the price of everything of need is increased as soon as we hear of a calamity in neighborhood? Why do media channels gloat their efficient services by exploiting situations rather than causing awareness and urging people to help, why do government officials assume themselves freed of their duty to the nation by mere air visits, when those who are going through the ordeal are least interested in it?
The need, is being united as a nation, especially in these trying times. United we stand, divided we fall. With the entire nation gripped in natural crisis and devastation we don’t want any more trouble. We had already buried many whom nature had taken from us; we don’t have the strength to burry those who are being snatched away at the hands of culprits causing terror, culprits feeding on our differences and divides. We want a solution, an ending to all this violence, we need to control our anger and forget the animosity to bring peace among the conflicting groups.
We need people to come forward and make their contributions, whatever they might be, in helping the millions of displaced and surviving victims. It could be anything from consolation and words of hope, which will help them bear their loss, to, provide the homeless with shelter, food, medicines and relief.
Let’s make a start by contributing in Pakistan Army’s or any reliable fund so that those waiting for our help wouldn’t be disappointed. Just think how much we spend on a single shopping spree, a favorite branded shoe or on a dine out with friends. Letting go of such small pleasures for the greater good will not only leave you satisfied but happy as well. Besides monetary help we can try creating awareness in our social circle, urge people to come forward for our own country and play their part. 
It's time that politicians should also take the responsibility entrusted upon them; play their role and prove their mantle by insisting peaceful demonstrations to condemn the violence that took place on the 2nd of August in Karachi. Taking justice in our hands is not the solution but the cause of further clashes. Rather than venting out energies on spite and hatred we should use them collectively to bring about a positive change. The millions of people who now stand homeless were the ones who voted these 'leaders' to power; they should not let them down this time!
Come ahead to serve our nation so that history will bear witness that the youth and people of Pakistan didn’t sit back fighting amongst themselves when they were needed most. 
Remember patriotism isn’t only about singing national songs,  waving a flag on the 14th of august and making emotional speeches. Patriotism is simply loyalty to your country; there is no gauge to measure it. 
Your country comes before all your social divides. It is patriotism when you keep the crumpled gum wrapper in your pocket rather than throwing it on the road while travelling, or when you give your savings, time and love for those who need it more than you do. Becasue,
Your country needs you. Your people need you.


  1. May we all realize, the reason of our being i.e to help others.

    Really Commendable Post!

  2. Doesn't have words to praise this post. (Y)

  3. Thanks a lot Shani!! What I wrote are is heartfelt.