Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sisters at Heart!

I had been very busy for the past few days, it was Ramadan first and then Eid, then the encumbering and hectic routine at office with quite some late sittings, and to add to it was a parting, a parting from a beloved friend, who was going to a far off place...

It was the parting of ways which was the most difficult for me. Sometimes we love someone so much that they become an inseparable part of ourselves and our lives. We can’t imagine any joy or celebration without them, and we can never ever spare a single thought to what we would do without them! Sisters are surely such cherished friends!

Yes, the friend I am talking about is no other than my sister...

I don’t have the perfection and control over my words, or the gift to convey my emotions and thoughts in prose or poetry; I wonder how amazing poets are, to do so...!
But I can try to write all that I’ve felt and missed, to let it be an adios till we meet again! Insha’Allah!(I’ve started looking forward to it already!)

Sisters are special, and mine is no exception. She’s only a year younger than me and there is more than companionship between us! We are counsellor to each other, secret keepers (wow that was the most ‘interesting part’), school mates, quarrellers (we had our fair share of fights too), buddies and everything, every relationship that can be thought off!

I remember all those adventures we’ve had together, all the fun, the merriment, the play and enjoyment, the long talks late in night, the fights over who is going to sleep on which side of bed, the skirmishes on cleaning the room/wardrobe considering she’s very organized (meekly confessing!), getting ready for school together, doing our hair simultaneously in the same mirror, the bickering on the way to van, the cards that she always used to place under my pillow on my birthdays, and so many more... All those gestures and lovely memories...

I recalled how we learned everything together from skating to driving, how she used to put up when I used to study late for my University exams, keeping the light on till late night. How I used to dread getting her into temper and how restless I used to get when we use to stop talking to each other after quaralling! And oh we used to address each other as ‘Aap’, and avoid eye contact! It was mostly me who used to patch up being the eldest (ahem ahem, I’m always a peacemaker), but I remembered that it was she who made it up the last time, we quarrelled (after a long time on a very silly thing), and then after two days she came over and hugged me apologizing, and I couldn’t help hugging her back. Her smile her mischievous ways, the spirit and energy in her, the boldness and daring nature, I couldn't ignore my little sis, everything was forgotten and forgiven long ago!
How proud and glad I used to be of her, and I still am!

I’ll miss her calls at office now, just when I used to be in the middle of something critical or tense and at that particular moment, a message, a call used to be a rejuvenating breath of fresh air to me, the sweet voice in which she used to ask, ‘Aapi kaisi ho, lunch ker lia..?’ and i used to say, ‘nahi yaar Appi(that is what I used to call her just like my other sibs!), abhe aik kam me houn, will do it after some time’. And then I used to distractedly listen to her and finish up hurriedly. Afterwards realizing that what a word of love and comfort means!

It was still the same when I talked to her yesterday, the same sweet voice saying ‘Aapi kaisi ho... ‘. Telling me enthusiastically about her family, about her new routine, asking after me and telling me to take care of myself and everyone at home, I just wished I could fly and reach her!

Sometimes I used to think why life is so unfair, why do girls have to leave their families, and why don’t boys?
A counter thought readily came to me here, I’ve seen many parents who send their boys to far off places for studies or for employments, then they settle down there. Come to their parents and families seldom, that too in long years, they don’t even have the time to ask after their loved ones.

Its right that girls settle down, leaving behind their families and parents, but they have got their blessings, they keep in touch, they nurture new relationships, new families, the love keeps on growing!

It’s Life, and Life is change, but we sometimes are reluctant to accept it at first, because we are unaware that Allah plans the best for us! And now that I have realized it, I remember a long forgotten verse from Shakespere, "Presence Strengthen Love, but Absence Sharpen It!":

Absence doth sharpen love, presence strengthens it;
the one brings fuel, the other blows it till it burns clear.
--William Shakespeare

And I guess my heart understood it better than me, as I hugged her close for the last time at the airport, our hearts beating together, my eyes never cried, but i prayed and prayed with all might! 

May Allah bless you with the best of everything my dearest sis! May He fill your life with Love, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity and accept all your prayers and wishes. And keep you and your family in His protection always. Ameen!

And as we parted, I was satisfied at the new beginning, glad to know that open arms will welcome her there, and she'll be at last with her family!

May Allah bless you forever my dearest!

from your aapi!


  1. So true :) However huge may be the distances but your hearts will always be so close as you were never separated... After having read your post.. I remembered my khala... when i used to tell her about my fights with Sara.... how she cherished memories of her sisterhood with my mother more than anything.. among which, those little fights were the most treasured :)
    I always use to love the way you call your younger sister "APPI" :) .. which is very seldom seen of :)..May Allah bless her with eternal happiness, love and joys .. Ameen
    Remember these distances are only to strengthen your bond even more :)
    As always .. loved your flowing writing style Ms. PeaceMaker ;)

  2. Truth Can Be Really Felt In Ur Words...
    You Expressed Beautifully the Relation of Sister:)
    Though, Sometimes Fights Reach to The Dangerous Level But still Its beauty can't be Ignored...
    I Wanted to Write More but I Really am Loss of Words Rite Now...You made My Eyes wet:)
    Thanks To Almighty Allah For Giving Us HIS Blessings In The Form sisters..
    Lots Of Prayers, Wishes And Love For Ur Sister...May Her Life Be Filled With Happiness:)
    And Next time When u'll Meet, her Glowing face will Make You Forget The Miseries Of The Time you Both Spent Without Each Other Insha Allah:)

  3. Wonderful and heartfelt. MashAllah you have portrayed your emotions immensely well. Even though i am not lucky enough to be blessed with a sister, but reading your blog, made me understand how great it would have been to have a Sis.
    My ammi read your blog as well, and she could not control her emotions,her eyes wet, reminiscing about her times with her sisters.
    And best of luck and a happy life to your Sis. May Allah bless her with all the good in life.Ameen.