Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moon, Dreams and Life

A stroll under a starry sky with the full moon gliding beside the clouds, in a chilly night is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic experiences ..
It has been a busy day. I had to complete my packing for my upcoming flight, had to do some last minute shopping while trying to cope up with a sudden flu and above all was consistently trying to bear the din that my siblings were making (they were a ‘little’ hyper, enjoying five holidays in a row because of Eid). Naturally, all this exertion was too much and resulted in a ‘slight’ headache!

I decided to escape from the entire hustle bustle downstairs and headed to our rooftop to say hello to my dear friend, the splendid full moon, and to greet its devoted companions, the shinning plasma balls, the stars...

Whenever I observe the full moon, its splendour and solitude always impress me into a peaceful and contented silence, to marvel the beauty of this universe and everything in it. Silence which gives me the time to reassemble my scattered thoughts, to reflect on most of the things that I’ve forgotten and have pushed deeper inside my mind... It brings alive all those fantasies that my mechanical routine had sent to a slumber! It mesmerizes me almost every time. I think I can never explain my joy in words here...

This time, however, it wasn’t the moon that probed my thoughts. It was the recitation that I was listening to, while walking in the moonlight, which made me grab my notebook and write down this piece.

'And He gave you of all that you asked for, and if you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them.' Al Quran (14:34)

When I was a little girl, I always used to dream of a cosy little home with a lovely garden having a couple of trees and some beautiful flowers. A room where the window opens towards east, from where the rising sun greets you with a good morning and the moon to bade you adieu in the night while you snuggle in your bed...

As I was standing leaning on the roof’s wall, looking over the topmost branches of the mango tree that were at level with my face, watching a cat smuggling into the garden, that my childish fantasy came to my mind.

I realized that Allah has fulfilled my dream long ago! He has blessed me with a home I dreamt of, with a perfect and loving family. And as I started pondering, many things dawned at me. I became aware how very ungrateful I've been!

I had been busy in keeping up with the pace of the outside world, and in doing so, I isolated myself from the little joys and wishes that I used to cheer. In looking for bigger dreams, I let go of the little pleasures that came my way...

Life doesn’t spare you a moment to turn back the wheels of time, be grateful enjoy what you've got and make the most of your little achievements and dreams! Live them fully and find a reason to be happy, to stay happy and to flourish happiness amongst those around you and your loved ones.
Because happiness is always around us, it’s we who turn away from little joys in life, seeking and running after others (the big ones), missing what that comes in our way.

Whatever you do, remain grateful to Allah, for His numerous blessings that you observe and for all those that you can never comprehend!

Take Care, and have fun!

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