Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aunts Like You Are Precious & Few!

I am some of the lucky people who from the time they open up their eyes are surrounded by affections and love, everyone feels a duty to carry them, to pamper them, and sing them lullaby to take loads of their pics and bring them every gift they ever wished for! Ah alhamdulilah those were the glorious days J.

There were many special people who made my childhood a bright colourful rainbow, and who still make my life special and who will always make it special in my memories, forever. Among them are my parents, sibs, aunts, uncles, relatives, teachers and many other special people. Today I write for my aunts! Those special fairies who made my world magical in the true sense!

Allah blessed me with a sweet lil angel niece 2.5 months back and the pull of the relationship, even before her birth, was great, simply an awesome feeling, a relation that cannot be described in mere words. I haven’t yet touched her, took her in my arms or kissed and cuddled her but I can imagine as if she is here in my arms. And after I tasted the delight of being an aunt, I think I can never ever repay the love and care I received from my aunts. They had been like a mom to me. All I have is gratitude and love for them in return. And the hope and desire to love them more and to be there for them always.

To my sweetest Nuni, I sometimes call her ammi in my excitement or in the flow of conversation. Nuni, who know me by heart and with whom I can’t lie. Who had been everything from  a friend, a playmate, our staunchest supporter even when the government (nani maa) was in an angry mood with us. With whom we had all our adventures and mischief, and still have them, who had been for us always, even now when we are old girls!!

To my iffu, who had been my inspiration on how to talk, to take on airs and act old Shakespearean acts, we used to listen with awe to Huck Finn and other classics she read us, who played the airhostess with us, plucked flowers and taught us many many things, and who had been quite frightening when there used to be a book and pen between us!

The nights when we used to listen to all the wonderful-land stories again and again and so many time that you and Nuni used to be exhausted and our demands never ceased! Oh my fairy godmothers I love you! You had been and are my heroines! Oh, I can write a whole book recalling all those times. J

To my Bari khala, who nursed and pampered me when I was a toddler, who cared for me and who taught me, who had always been the counsellor and a very good advisor, and an everlasting motivation. To my tanu, my friend, my aunt, my lil girl, eventhough she’s the elder one. With whom there was a sisterly bond. The gossips we used to have. The movies we used to watch together. The lectures we used to give to all the rest! :D The captivated audience I used to be when I saw her paint so beautifully. She was the best artist in the whole world to me, which I used to boast among my friends! I miss you so much Tanu.

To my beautiful ladies I owe you so much. I owe you my happiness, my dreams, the rich gifts of trust, care, confidence, self esteem, and precious memories to cherish you gave me are the best I have ever received from any one. Thank  you so much my honies, I love you all a LOT!!!

Truly, only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend! J
Hey, this doesn’t means uncles aren’t great I have awesome uncles, but this post is written by a khala for her khalas J I’ll take over the role of an uncle someday and you’ll surely have an insider’s account on it too! Till then So Long! Take care and enjoy the storming winter and here have hot cocoa, that Wk made specially for me. J


  1. You brought tears to my eyes Ajo! .... Truly heart felt post!!.. Missing my fairy god mother's hug sooooo much at the moment :'(.... May the blessings of your fairy god mothers always always always be with you!! .. and so with your loving neice...Ameen.. Summa Ameen!... Again a short request .. Never cease writing!

  2. Wow...you have just bring out some old sweet childhood memories.. :) it was pleasure reading Aapi thanks for providing oxygen and air to our memories,thoughts and spirits....keep writing such beautiful pieces and make us experience things that we have never thought of.....
    And yes totally agree with U our KHALA's have played an important role in our lives...Esp Nuni and Iffu....
    i miss Tannu too and yes Farhat aunty has motivated us the other way Alhamdulilah we r so blessed to have them all and no offense MAMU's reading this next time there will be for u too

  3. Aapi please give a tight warm hug to Maria Baji from me... i love her so much...... we all are here for u Maria Baji whenever u need one just asked Aapi she knows how to collapse one ribs... ;p

  4. hmmm. Ayesha this is not good honey, you know I am reducing my weight and you did so wrong by buttering me, ah very bad.

    Love you sooooooooooo much I hope to see you once a week at least dear and talk all the nonsense, I owe you this as per your writing , isnt it.

    anyway hows your salusung mobile, I hope all working fine without any glitch in the software. hmmmmmmmmm, JavaScript i mean, no offense.

  5. LOL Bushra :D .. Sure will test AK's rib breaking hug some day ;)

  6. You made me remember all the great moments with my Khalas :). Especially my bari khala who is in US.
    Great post! :)