Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A glance back in our memory archives..

Asalam O Alikum and greetings Dear Readers,

Hope you all are doing great with the grace of Allah, in all that you do and where ever you are. :)

I peeped in to say a cheerful hello and to prepare you for the next post, that will be, New Year Resolutions! Oh yeah, its been a tradition I never keep up each year. But I don't like giving up and that to without a good fight, so here I found myself a couple of week back making resolutions. But from the past I have learnt to keep my expectations to a minimum and make reality the ground on which i'll base up my resolutions.

Whats the point in sharing them with you all. Well of course number 1 is that I want to bring the good in the life of others that i find for myself, and number 2 is obvious, I need you as a witness to them, to remind me in case, you know ;)

So lets keep the rest to later while you all take care, give it a rest, its been a year and you too need a lil time off. Take a seat, enjoy life and glance back and reflect.
Today I am thinking tolerance is a gift more precious than silver or gold. You guys think on it too.
While I take my leave with a promise to catch up with you all soon!!

Fiaman Allah!


  1. Looking forward to your new year resolutions :) ... might motivate me to build up some of my own ; )... and yeah desperately need this lil time off to glance back & reflect....

  2. You have a witness right here ;). Now am just waiting for tonight so that you may publish your new year resolutions!! :D