Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mera Pakistan... Zindabad Paindabad!

In the past few days I had little time for the current affairs and what’s been happening around. That’s quite a statement for someone living in Karachi where every second person is talking about what’s going on in and outside the city!

Today I heard about the tragic incident involving a mob burning a mini bus with passengers in it! It was horrible, shocking and terribly saddening. I was speechless. Are we human anymore? I questioned myself. I thought it bears similarity to incidents at the time of partition in 1947, that shamed humanity. The only difference this time was, that both the victim and the predators were of the same nationality... This situation is indeed shameful. 
Some decades back, we fought for this land, which meant the world to us, and now we are fighting over this land. Killing and terrorizing our own people. Morbid isn’t it?

Its past midnight and I can hear the firearms, crackers and fireworks still going on in the background, their sounds muffled with the patter of rain. I wonder if 14th august is just to be celebrated with a weeklong decorations, emptying the guns, colourful TV shows, singing the national anthem followed by a two minute silence when more than half of the nation is already mute sleeping. And the patriotism ends here, to be revived next year.

We need a lot of change, a colossal change to bring our country out of this chaos; a 360 degree turn. I thought to myself, it’s unattainable. I must confess I lost hope, thinking on it. Just when all seemed gloomy and dark, like the scene outside my window, a little flame of hope erupted within me. Darkness precedes light! Yes it does.

We are a very fertile nation, be it in any area we need to explore this fertility. The same carries for our youth, the fruit of our forbearance. The only hope in this hour of need it seems!

All is not lost yet. Indeed it’s a huge task but I am not asking for more, let’s start at the basics. 

Instead of raising our fingers and voices pointing and exposing the faults in others, in our system, lets start with ourselves. 
How selfish we have been to the country which is providing us, to this immense blessing of Allah SWT. How ungrateful we are and have been. Let’s begin by tolerating each other, treating each other like how we want to be treated. Love and patience is what we require with the zeal to improve ourselves and improve our nation. We must be an example, a lead whom the rest should take inspiration from and follow.!

We will have to do it, for ourselves and for our future generations, so that time may remember us as those who took one step forward and contributed towards saving Pakistan, when it needed our help the most!

I see Google, adorned in green twinkling with stars, the crescent and Minar-e-Pakistan representing the G and L in it. 

There is always hope, a lot of horizons are waiting to be explored, challenges to overcome and goals to achieve. Lets take up the challenge and Insha’Allah we will succeed in delivering the results, the dreams we hope. If we truly believe in ourselves and our capabilities, if we want a positive change, we will have to change ourselves and influence others for good as well! 

Pakistan Zindabad!


  1. Speechless....have no words to praise the writer's(Ur) thoughts and feelings....wonderfully portrayed.......
    All the hopes are now with our Youth..May Almighty guide our nation,its youth and its leaders to serve our dear homeland the best they can...Ameen

  2. Very artistically written...with strong emotions and with a sense of delivering them!
    Stay blessed O dearest!

  3. Thank you dear sisters and Love you gals a lot for all your motivation and support.
    And you its us who have to stand up in our capacity and make a positive change, in any way that we can, starting from small towards big :)

  4. Great Write-up Ajo!!! :)

    Just as Iqbal said...

    Zara num ho tu yeh matti bari zarkhez hai saqi!!!

    May our country reach the heights of glory that we all pray for.. Ameen

    Besides praying .. we need to work for it too!!
    Remember .. change always cums from within :)

    Keep Up!!

  5. So nice to see the Google Doodle :)