Friday, May 10, 2013

Election 2013 - There Is NO Fate but What We MAKE

I am writing on my blog after a long time.... I think if today we didn't decide some of the important things as a nation then we are never going to do so again.

We've been hearing that this election will be the greatest elections ever in the history of Pakistan. And I want to make my contribution, even it be a meagre one :)

We talk of change a new Pakistan, what is the new Pakistan going to be? Will we return to our lives once the election fever is cooled, will it only be an event like 14th August or 23 March? Will we fall back into the slumber and then curse our government again? Why so, because we brought them to power in the first place?

Lets start the change from our homes. Instead of throwing away the wrapper carelessly keep it inside your pocket, instead of getting favors for ourselves lets do things as per  the way they should be done. Lets not call the might right, but speak out. Treat those below and above you with hte same level of respect. In short, be the person you want your leader to be.

The LDA building burns up, it swallows 22 people, Fire rescue was as efficient as usual, not even a single private helicopter was sent to rescue the lives of innocent burning people.... I think all the major political parties could have done this.

Just think on this that why the President has to go to Dubai to get a medical check up, why can't the ex-Prime Minister's son be safe in his own constituency, why can't the political parties get security for their campaigns in their own sectors? Why don't the children of our highest government officials study in government? 

Because if they would have cared for the public and would have established an infrastructure for good governance, enforced law and order and would have made education their first priority things would have been different.

Their time is up, now the choice is yours. Use it well. For you and your future....   

Don't regret what happened in the last term, you don't have to give the old faces another chance. When they couldn't deliver in the 5 years, what good they will do in the next term? We faced the hell this last term, let us use our vote and tell the leaders that we have rejected their candidates, we know our rights we know our power... We'll elect for our future not for their coffers.

Every party has an excellent manifesto, all of them has a great vision, don't just vote for the vision...
You see, in human body the signal come from the brain.. if any organ is not working correctly the brain directs it and make it function properly. If a party has a strong leader. a strong brain, then he can educate and control its candidate. The captain steers the ship and guide the crew...

So see your leader, if he has the guts to do what they have promised, they will not forget you in their grand palaces. They will not let the bad faces in their party fill their bags, they can take a stand for their nation. Vote for a credible candidate, vote for a credible captain of the team. And be aware of the power you hold in controlling your leader. Reminding him of the promises he made with you.

Am signing off, with the hope that we change ourselves and will not be the puppet in the hands of those we given our fates in the past.

Remember there is no fate but what we make... Good Luck Pakistan :)

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