Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Through March 1940 to March 2011

23 March 1940: Pakistan Day, the day when the existence of Pakistan was first demanded. The dream of a nation was said out loud and formed up in black and white. The flight of Iqbal’s falcon was the flight of the mind and souls of masses. A dream materialized into passion. A passion so fierce that it united the Muslims all over the subcontinent to write a new chapter in the book of history. 

23 March 2011: Pakistani cricket fans all over the world were rejoicing Pakistan’s excellent performance in the World Cup. Every individual from the youngest to the oldest was excited at the prospect of Pakistan’s encounter with West Indies in the Quarter Final. People were glued to their television screens and cheering every falling wicket. Every Pakistani wanted their team to win, the team that had been scorned and mocked a few months ago was everyone’s hero now. Whether an avid cricket fan or not, we all wanted the 'Men in Green' to leave the Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium victorious. And the 'green caps' never failed our expectations, not even for a single over. It was a dedicated team play, the unity, determination, the cool and composure of our team that showed brilliantly throughout the tournament was the reason we achieved such a superb win. In the presentation ceremony jubilant Shahid Afridi gifted the Green Cap triumph to the Nation on Pakistan Day doubling the reason to celebrate....

Back in 1940 the nation that was struggling for a Free Muslim state, was basking in the glory, standing together as a united front, supporting their champions in the World Cup uplifting the green and white crescent and star emblem flag. That day we were one, just like the Pakistani team, strong and connected. We weren’t people divided into 5 provinces, we had the same interest, one hope, one desire. A single soul, our hearts beating together, pumping up joyfully, we were one, cheering our super eleven, forgetting all resentment towards each other. Yes, we were a nation in the true sense then.

At that moment I felt  that we started strong and have grown weak in the middle, it’s time to put our differences behind our back and to face the challenges that comes our way. Challenges that have tried us severely and have left us broken. Remember 1940, we fought for identity, sovereignty and rights, we fought for Pakistan. Now we are fighting over Pakistan. The identity we proudly upheld once is lost somewhere over the decades, the values we treasure seemed stolen, the courage and valor, that honesty and faith nurtures in a nation are extinct.

I felt that Pakistani nation is like Pakistani cricket team, its a cornered tiger, which when once roused, can shatter its enemy into oblivion. Just like Rameez Raja wrote about Team Pakistan:

"This team doesn't stop to amaze me. A knockout game was supposed to rattle the nerves and test the temperament. It not only passed the mental test without a fuss but laid to rest any suspicion of its class. It was a devastating win that punched the West Indies into oblivion and pushed Pakistan closer to greatness."

Similar are we, its the need to rise up, to once again spread our wings and fly, the flight of falcon. To stand up to the wrong and injustice and not allow ourselves to act as a toy and play into the hands of our enemies. Lets match our forefathers in character and grit, difficult as it may be, and make our nation a 'Nation' in true sense. Rise and live like a nation that is alive, thriving and cultivated. That can fight for its rights not over its rights. Don't let this feeling of helplessness and deprivation overwhelm you. Because our land needs a change! A better and independent Pakistan!

I'll end here wishing all the best of luck and vigour to our youth and people, and similarly to our team. May Allah bless us with success on all fronts and protect Pakistan and give us strength to deliver the lost sovereignty to our nation and country. Ameen

Good Luck Pakistan and Team Pakistan!

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  1. Very good writeup indeed!! (Y) :).

    Hope the togetherness Pakistan has shown on the field, is shown as one united nation in every walk of life. Ameen.