Sunday, January 30, 2011

There is always a Silver Lining to the Blues...

Sometimes its just a stray thought, a daily happening, a word we overhear or any little thing that plunges us into the blues and we feel desolated from our surroundings, separated from the rest of the people around us. As if we are marked out to be tried again and again.... At such times it’s hard to disguise the sadness within and laugh and joke with the rest. We may wonder, why it has to be me? At those time the river deep within just wants to gush out, tearing down all the barriers that have been blocking it for so long....

Some days ago I felt deeply afflicted and in my distress the cheerful side of my disposition took over and I started wondering if there could be a way to find out the secret of happiness somehow? To capture and learn it, so that I may be able to thwart the sorrow and despair that affects me. I directed my thoughts so as to break away from the glum mood, to live my life! And comprehension suddenly dawned, as my thoughts whispered out the secret to me, and do you know what it was? I realized that I, hold the key to my happiness!

The choice of being bitter or better lies with me, and it is my decision that affects my happiness. It’s my outlook towards life that makes it beneficial or sore, for me and others around me. I know that life isn’t all smooth and pretty, it maintains equilibrium, because too much sweet is spoiling, isn’t it? The good times and the hard times just balance it out perfectly for me. Without the hardships and trials, I wondered, how will I learn to value the reward and happiness that I reap, and be grateful for it?

Sometimes only a little good news tells us that there is happiness and goodness around. That is exactly what happened with me. As I was on my way back to home, I got a message from a friend, informing about the birth of a girl to a close friend of mine... This news just changed my mood completely! Just like the shining sun that emerges from behind the clouds after a dark storm, rejuvenating the beings!

I realized that in my dissatisfaction and grumblings, I have forgotten how rich I am in the countless blessings Allah has bestowed upon me! What an ingrate I had been to weep a tear and never comprehending what  damage I was doing to myself, because of my bitter thoughts!

My stranded and tangled thoughts connected together, showing that a clear road lies ahead. I understood that in the remembrance of Allah, in seeking help from Him, believing that you will always be helped, there lies all the success and peace!

Relief, swept over me, wave over wave, as I realized that Allah has guided me to khair again, that He has not deserted me! That beautiful feeling strengthen my faith, I came to know deep within my heart that these tough experiences are to train me strong, rather than breaking me apart. It is to bring me closer to my Lord, rather than distancing me away from Him!

Remember, there’s always a silver lining to the darkest cloud, I didn't understand it when Iffu first told me the meaning of this idiom, but now I know it means that there is always hope to look forward to!. Listen to the voice that speaks softly in the times of despair and be grateful to Allah for all His countless blessings and favors! Because Allah grants more to those who are thankful for what they have got and bear with patience what that has been taken away from them.
It was on this journey that I grasped in truth , “worry ends when faith begins”!

It was only yesterday when upon reading this Hadith, that I decided to share my journey with you, hoping that may be in any modest way it'll help you to strengthen that perpetual connection with Al Rehman...

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah's Apostle(Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials."
Translation of Sahih Bukhari
Volume 7, Book 70, Number 548:


  1. One who wish to be happy will always find reasons to be so :)

    MashAllah, Its Wonderful Ayesha Jo:) .. The ease with which your strands of thought flows :) .. Thank you for taking us to this amazing journey :)

  2. Thanks a lot Maria Jo for all your appreciation and encouragement:)
    And yeah you are right, there are so many simple reasons to be happy, why do we want more to be grateful to Allah... :)


  3. A very true observation of day to day life.. and how we get disappointed with life.. Indeed it's true that "You are as happy as you make up your mind to be."
    I love the way you write.. beautiful!

  4. Indeed it is true!
    Thanks a lot Raazia for your heartening motivation and encouraging nagging(in adv ;) )! :)

  5. Hi dearest, another beautiful artical, why dont you write a book honey, hmm.
    Please do so.
    I am proud on you my little pinky baby.

  6. Thanks a million Nuni. Love you a lot :))
    And m on the book thing, just wish me luck!

  7. True to every word you have written! :).
    Exceptionally written with all your heart poured in it :).

    And importantly you realized a very important point that governs our daily lives and made us understand it too:).

    Never stop writing :).